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Take students across the globe—no passport required! With innovative online resources, project-based activities, and unprecedented support for all learners, all students will go beyond the printed page and actively experience the world in which they live.

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Student Edition

Every chapter is framed around an Essential Question and the real-life myStories of the people your students will "meet" on their journey. Students connect personally to the content and develop a deeper understanding of the world's geography and its history. Innovative online resources, project-based activities, and unmatched support for all learners take your students beyond the printed page and into active experiences of the world in which they live. Learn more.


Online Travel Assignment

The Online Virtual Travel Assignment is an exciting way for students to experience world geography and world history by "taking them there" through virtual travel, storytelling, and colorful, intriguing design. Learn more.


Activity-Based Learning

Hands-on activities are embedded in the student materials and extended through the Teacher’s Edition and the Activity Cards, Essential Question posters, and myWorld Geography wall maps. Learn more.

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